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Episode 21 - Riccardo "Baleia" Ammendolia


On this episode, Daniel and Cesar make a quick review of the biggest fight weekend in 2015, with 3 UFC shows in a row finishing off with the Aldo vs. McGregor fight. And even though it was a big MMA weekend, Demian Maia and Ryan Hall put out a great display of BJJ and grappling techniques on those events.

And as our guest, Riccardo Baleia was a great guy to talk to. He told how he made his career as a BJJ commentator and told a lot about the up coming even Copa Podio, to be broadcast out of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, by FloGrappling on January 9th 2016. He recalled some great moments of previous events by Copa Podio and made us all hungry for more, as we wait the new card coming up.

If you would like to know more about this show, just visit their website at and check out the amazing card they are putting up on their next event.

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Episode 20 - Roberto Abreu "Cyborg"


For this week's episode, we brought Roberto Abreu "Cyborg" back on the show to talked about the his major moments in 2015.

Cyborg opened up about his experience at the 2015 ADCC Superfight against André Galvão and about the camp during this year's summer. He also talked about his seminar tours and the great experiences he had visiting several different countries and cultures. Plus, he mentioned his plans for the beginning of 2016 and what he plans to compete next year.

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Episode 19 - Abraham Marte & Kaelum Kalista


Hey guys,

This week we are joined once more by Abraham Marte. This guys is one of a kind, and he shared some of great things that are going on in his life, including his tour of seminars this year in the northeast of the US and some lessons learned at the camp he had for the ADCC with Cyborg, Rodolfo Vieira, João Gabriel and others at Miami, during the summer!

But more importantly,  he picked up the topic of our last episode with Braulio and Chris, about the community of BJJ coming together to help out kids. And he introduced us to Kaelum Kalista, his student that is developing a great project in the Dominican Republic to help less fortunate kids find a path in their lives through martial arts. "Fighting for a dream" is just taking of and they explain all about it in this great episode.

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Episode 18- Braulio Estima, Chris Martin (BJJ 4 Change)


On this episode, Daniel Azevedo and Cesar Nicolas welcome Braulio Estima and Chris Martin to talk about a great cause they are working on to bring a greater awareness to BJJ community and the world to help under privileged kids train and possible build a career thru Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. 

We also get into Braulio thoughts about his experience at the Berkut event in Russia this past week. If you didn't see this event your missing out on great event hosting the "who's who of the BJJ world". It was packed with great matches. 

We hope you enjoy this episode and we will be back next week with a great guest.

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Episode 17 - 2015 NoGi Worlds


On this episode, Daniel Azevedo and Cesar Nicolas talk about the experience of being at a Worlds Championship in the Pyramid, at Long Beach, CA. More than that, how was Cesar's experience this year in the 2015 NoGi World Championship.

Also, the comment on the card of the upcoming event in Russia, Berkut BJJ, with a dream card featuring amazing fights and lead by Galvão vs. Barral super match. You can watch and find more information on this event at FloGrappling's website, here!

We hope you enjoy this episode and we will be back next week with a great guest.

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Episode 16 - Gustavo Dantas

Our 16th Episode comes out right before the IBJJF’s 2015 NoGi World Championship, and our co-host Cesar Nicolas does not join us, as he left to compete in California. Anyway, we had a great episode, with a great guest!

Gustavo Dantas is a fourth degree black belt based at Phoenix, Arizona, and has a unique program in the world of Jiu Jitsu, called: The BJJ Mental Coach. And his program is all about providing tools and knowledge on mental preparation, meaning, getting mentally prepared to face the challenges that are presented to us, not only by training and competing in Jiu Jitsu, but by life as a whole.  

This was a very interesting topic that we covered on this episode and I hope you guys can enjoy it.


Episode 15 - Kurt Osiander and Michelle Osiander

From Michelle Osiander's Facebook page.

From Michelle Osiander's Facebook page.

Hey guys!

This week you are in for a fun show! We have the one and only Kurt Osiander on the show, with some amazing stories and telling us how was to bring Jiu Jitsu to the world through TV show Parts Unknown, by Anthony Bourdain, at CNN. If you guys don't know what TV show this is, go check it out by clicking here (CNN's website).

Kurt was on the 4th episode, of the 6 season, Bay Area. It was a  really great episode and Anthony did a great job on show casing the life of a BJJ practitioner (which he is...) in the show.

But more than being a coach for Anthony on that show, Kurt is an amazing coach at Ralph Gracie's academy in San Francisco. And an amazing and fun person to talk to. Kurt has been training Jiu Jitsu since 1993, over 20 years now, and has seen it all. And he shared some of the great stories from over the years with us in the episode.

And to make things more interesting, Kurt invited his wife, Michelle Osiander to join the conversation, adding her input in some of the stories. They are a very fun couple and we had a great time recording this. We just hope you guys enjoy listening to it as much as we did recording it!

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Thanks for listening, and we will catch you next week with a new show!


Episode 14 - Rodrigo Clark and UAEJJF

2015 UAEJJF LA Grand Slam

2015 UAEJJF LA Grand Slam

Hey guys! Today's episode brings a whole new perspective for the show, when we talk to Rodrigo Clark, a Black Belt from Gracie Barra Santa Barbara, but most important, the organizer of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam in the US for the UAEJJF. We talked a lot about the 2015 event and what is UAEJJF goals and plans for Jiu Jitsu around the globe. This was a very interesting conversation and we hope you guys enjoy it.

And if you would like to know more about this federation and their work, visit their site at You can also find the YouTube video for the 2015 LA Grand Slam here. You can also find the Tokyo Grand Slam at Youtube here.

As always, we ask you to spread the word about the show to your friends and fellow BJJ practitioners, so they can also listen to it and open up a conversation topic for you guys! And we would love if you guys send us a tweet, or an email with comments or any feedback.

We will bring a new episode next week,

Until then,


Episode 13 - Vagner Rocha


Hey Guys,

We are back and excited to bring another fun podcast for your guys to enjoy! Today, our guest is Vagner Rocha. He is a UFC fighter who has competed against fighters such as Donald Cerrone, and BJJ Black who also recently completed in ADCC in Brazil this year. Vagner shares with us his experience at ADCC and also gives his thought on  the grappling scene. 

We hope you enjoy the episode and please let us know what you think. And please don't forget to share it with your friends and training partners.



Episode 12 - Samuel Spiegelman


Hey Guys,

We are sorry for the long delay with our podcast, We have been super busy with the preparation for the ADCC camp with Cyborg. Now that we are back in action I’m very excited to announce my co-host Cesar Nicolas. Cesar has been in the back ground helping to organize the past guests that we had on the show thus far, together we hope to add improve the dynamic of the show. 

Cesar is currently a purple belt in BJJ and have been training since 1999, He started his journey in NYC and moved to Miami 3 years ago where he currently resides now. He trains and is the manager at Fight Sports Miami, the home gym to Cyborg.

Today, our guest is Samuel Spiegelman. He is a brown belt in BJJ and also holds a degree in exercise science. We chose to bring him  on the  show because he has written some interesting articles that cover different aspects of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, including how to train smarter. We talked about several different aspects of the training side of BJJ, including what are the big differences between regular people and professional athletes. Hope you guys enjoy it.

We hope you enjoy the episode and please let us know what you think. And please don't forget to share it with your friends and training partners.


Episode 11 - Abraham Marte

Photo by Preston Smith

Photo by Preston Smith

We are back, with a brand new episode for you guys!

And this week we hosted the one and only Abraham Marte. Abraham is one of the most accomplished BJJ fighters out of Latin America. He is from Dominican Republic and has trained from white to black belt without any Brazilian Black Belt supervision. But that did not stop him from getting to the world stage of the big IBBJF tournaments as a serious contender in the Black Belt Ultra Heavy Division. In fact, in 2014 he was the big name of the Masters World Championship, winning double gold for the Ultra Heavy and Open Class.

This year, 2015, in the adults Worlds, he has placed in Third, and in our episode he talks about how hungry he is to keep seeking the gold in the Worlds. He also comments on his performance and about the greatest names of the competition.

We hope you like this episode as much as we did. And don't forget to share it with your friends and training partners.


Episode 10 - Leo Vieira

Leo Vieira BJJ

After a week of, we are back with a great new Episode. We are hosting the founder and head coach of one of the biggest BJJ Teams in the World, Checkmat, Leonardo Vieira. And during a really interesting conversation, we talk about some great topics:

  • Abu Dhabi World Pro as a Professional Tournament
  • Competing at ADCC for 7 editions and receiving an invitation to compete this year
  • The new professional events and how different rules are pushing the sport
  • A couple of great change suggestions for IBJJF rules
  • Checkmat camp for the worlds and Buchecha's will to do history this year

We really had a great time talking to Leo and we hope you enjoy it! And as always, let us know what you think. Reach out in the comments bellow, or through Social Media.

We will catch you here next week, Ossssss!

Episode 09 - Lucas Lepri



Hosting a 2x Times World Champion is always good, and when it comes to hosting a guy as nice as Lucas, it is great. Lucas Lepri is perhaps one of the most knowledge guys out there, with an amazing technique and tricks for every position you can think of! He won his first world title as a black belt in his first year in the division, 2007. And took him 7 more years persisting to win the gold again in 2014.

And on this episode, we cover a bit of how:

  • How he managed to win his first World Championship as a Black Belt and what good advice he has for new black belts
  • What was the secret to win again after 7 years
  • How does he keep learning and how does he like to train
  • Goals for 2015, what he plans to compete

And much more...

It was a really pleasure hosting him on the show. And we do hope you guys enjoy it! Let us know what you think. Ossss

Episode 08 - Kit Dale


Kit Dale is a guy who is a lot more than what meets the eyes! In our amazing conversation, Kit showed that he has higher ambitions than just being a Black Belt World Champion, that he wants bigger audiences! And after listening to the super start Black Belt, we were pretty sure that Kit Dale will conquer the world...

We talked about:

  • How he managed to get so many followers in the BJJ Community
  • Being at professional BJJ Tournaments and the passion to compete BJJ
  • Other passions besides BJJ (don't want to give away... go listen to the episode)
  •  Drilling or not Drilling?
  • Rules changes and competition mindset

And much more. It was such a great episode and we hope our listeners can enjoy it! Please help us share the podcast and leave as a feedback, either here, or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Just follow us @thebjjshow.

Catch you guys next week, Osssss!!!

Episode 07 - Rodrigo Medeiros "Comprido"

Comprido with his competition famous Green Hair

Comprido with his competition famous Green Hair

There are many different legends in BJJ history. But perhaps only one has been so successful for such a long time. Rodrigo Medeiros Comprido has been competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments for over 20 years now. He has achieve the highest glories in the sport, including winning the IBJJF's Adult Black Belt Open Class World Title, twice!

This past weekend, his team won again the Team's Title from the Chicago Open, and he himself won double gold. About two weeks ago he was a PanAms Champion, again! And through out his 20 plus years of competition, it has been like that...

So, don't let this episode pass by you, and listen to the voice of experience, as he talks about:

  • The Chicago Open preparation and Team work
  • Advantages and the its role in the rules
  • Strategy in competition and its importance in Jiu Jitsu
  • Competing for over 20 years
  • USADA and PEDs in Jiu Jitsu
  • BJJ Camps and the BrazilianBlackBelt Camp

We hope you enjoy and don't forget to spread the word about the show to all you friends!

Thanks for listening, Osssss!

Episode 06 - Rafael Lovato Jr.

Rafael Lovato Jr.  - Photo by: Victor Cantu

Rafael Lovato Jr.  - Photo by: Victor Cantu

Our 6th Episode comes a little over a week after IBJJF's PanAms, which was a great tournament by the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation. And we invited the one american competitor who had a lot to say about last years (2014) PanAms and actually, had a lot to say about the whole scene with the Sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the Podcast Save Jiu Jitsu.

Rafael Lovato Jr. is perhaps the most accomplished american in the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has so many interesting ideas about where the Sport is right now and what should we all be doing to help it keep it's essence! In this episode we talked a lot about that and:

  • The PanAms this year and it's overall results
  • Doing the Worlds this year and all the motivation issues involved in that
  • IBJJF and where it stands as the biggest organization of our sport
  • The Save Jiu Jitsu Podcast
  • What new Professional tournaments represent to the sport

And so much more. It is an incredible episode and it feels like we could have had another our to talk about a lot of more stuff! We are sure you are going to enjoy! So get on to listening!


Episode 05 - PanAms Review


The Pan Ams 2015, by IBJJF, was one of the best in a long time. The finals were great in all divisions and we had some amazing and surprising submissions!

In this quick review, our host Daniel Azevedo bring you all the results of all the Male and Female Adult Black Belt divisions, including the how Gabi Garcia and Bernardo Farias got their double gold!

Next week we will be back with the regular format, hosting a big name of the sport. Stay tuned!!!

Episode 4 - Mackenzie Dern and Augusto Mendes "Tanquinho"

Mackenzie showing off her rock, after the engagement! Congrats to both!

Mackenzie showing off her rock, after the engagement! Congrats to both!

Our forth episode comes right after the International Women's Day, which was last Sunday, March 8th. And it is with great honor that we hosted our first female guest, Mackenzie Dern. But we had to also invite her Fiancé, Augusto Mendes "Tanquinho" and have them both together talking about Jiu Jitsu and MMA.

Here are some of the topics we talked about:

  • How was Tanquinho shift from BJJ to MMA
  • Girls and MMA and Ronda Rousey
  • How is to fight against Gabi Garcia
  • Training to the Pan Ams
  • The evolution of Girls in BJJ
  • MMA goals for Tanquinho and going back to BJJ
  • IBJJF Rules: how do they evolve

We really enjoyed having this fun couple on the show and we hope you guys like the episode. Don't forget to share it with your friends. And let us know what you think about it... You can reach us @thebjjshow in Twitter and Instagram, or find us on Facebook too!

We will catch you next week, Osssss!

Episode 03 - Ryan Hall


One of the best things you can expect from a Podcast episode is someone who really knows how to talk and uses the right words to pass along great ideas. And that person is Ryan Hall. A super talented grappler, Ryan is not only a master when competing on the mats or inside the cage, but also when talking about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He makes it look easy to say those exact words that will carry on perfectly that idea that we have... And having him as our guest here at The BJJ Show was awesome!

We talked about so many things:

  • Being in the cover of Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine
  • How is it to have his name associated to the infamous 50/50 guard
  • What changes to IBJJF's rules could help improve the use of 50/50
  • How is the process and what it takes to migrate from MMA to BJJ
  • What he thinks the near future reserves to him and he wishes to do in 2015

I hope you guys enjoy this episode as much as we did. And always remember to spread a word about our Podcast to your friends.

Catch you next time, Ossss!

Episode 2 - Braulio Estima


If you though our first episode was great, you won't believe this second! Braulio Estima is one of the greatest of all times in the mats, and he has shown himself as one of the best on a mic, too... What a great guy to talk to!

We talked about so many things, among them:

  • What he thinks about Invitational tournaments
  • His brief MMA career and diference from a BJJ career
  • The growth of BJJ in UK and Europe
  • How he keeps going forward, even after a such accomplished career
  • Fighting at Abu Dhabi World Pro this year, again
  • ADCC 2015 and going back into the tournament

We are very happy with this episode. We hope you enjoy it and share with all your friends. And don't forget to subscribe to the show!

Thanks for Listening, Ossss!!!