How To Listen to our Show

There are several ways that you can listen to our show. But the easiest is to subscribe to our show through your preferred Podcast App. Take a look bellow in the most popular options:

  • iOS Mobile Devices
  • On a Mac or PC
  • Android Mobile Devices

iPhones, iPads and iPods only

iPhones, iPads and iPods only

Podcast App (on iOS Mobile Devices)

Perhaps, one of the best ways to listen to our show is through your phone or mobile device. And if you have an Apple device, running iOS 8 or above, your device already has the Podcast App installed, by default. All you need to do is enter the app, search for "The BJJ Show" and start listening for our episodes (or you can click right here when browsing with your device). And you can also subscribe to the Podcast, meaning that the app will make sure to remind you whenever a new episode becomes available. Through the settings, you can turn on an Auto-Download option, so you are always ready to listen to our show. You can also share your favorite episodes with your friends, which we would much appreciate!


iTunes (Mac or PC)

You can listen to our show directly in iTunes, either on a Mac or a PC. All you have to do is search for "The BJJ Show" and choose any of our episodes, or the whole podcast in the search results (clicking here will take you there too). For a better experience, you can subscribe to our Podcast and iTunes will make sure to download any new episodes whenever they come out. You can also make comments and rate our show on iTunes. Please leave us a nice review, as that will help new listeners to discover our show! Much appreciated, thanks!



There are several apps that you can download from Google Play to listen to podcasts, among then some are free. And in any of them, you can just create a reference to our Podcast RSS Feed and they will do their magic to download and play our episodes to you. Here is link you will need:

Here are a few suggest apps for your Android device:


We hope you can find yourself a player and enjoy our show! And don't forget to reach out to us for comments, questions, suggestions and anything else you might want to let us know! 

Thanks for Listening, Ossssss!