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Episode 14 - Rodrigo Clark and UAEJJF

2015 UAEJJF LA Grand Slam

2015 UAEJJF LA Grand Slam

Hey guys! Today's episode brings a whole new perspective for the show, when we talk to Rodrigo Clark, a Black Belt from Gracie Barra Santa Barbara, but most important, the organizer of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam in the US for the UAEJJF. We talked a lot about the 2015 event and what is UAEJJF goals and plans for Jiu Jitsu around the globe. This was a very interesting conversation and we hope you guys enjoy it.

And if you would like to know more about this federation and their work, visit their site at You can also find the YouTube video for the 2015 LA Grand Slam here. You can also find the Tokyo Grand Slam at Youtube here.

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