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Episode 15 - Kurt Osiander and Michelle Osiander

From Michelle Osiander's Facebook page.

From Michelle Osiander's Facebook page.

Hey guys!

This week you are in for a fun show! We have the one and only Kurt Osiander on the show, with some amazing stories and telling us how was to bring Jiu Jitsu to the world through TV show Parts Unknown, by Anthony Bourdain, at CNN. If you guys don't know what TV show this is, go check it out by clicking here (CNN's website).

Kurt was on the 4th episode, of the 6 season, Bay Area. It was a  really great episode and Anthony did a great job on show casing the life of a BJJ practitioner (which he is...) in the show.

But more than being a coach for Anthony on that show, Kurt is an amazing coach at Ralph Gracie's academy in San Francisco. And an amazing and fun person to talk to. Kurt has been training Jiu Jitsu since 1993, over 20 years now, and has seen it all. And he shared some of the great stories from over the years with us in the episode.

And to make things more interesting, Kurt invited his wife, Michelle Osiander to join the conversation, adding her input in some of the stories. They are a very fun couple and we had a great time recording this. We just hope you guys enjoy listening to it as much as we did recording it!

As usual, share it with your friends and training partner, so that they can also listen to the show and start a conversation with you guys about what we talked. And we encourage you to send us any feedback, either through here, or on social media: @thebjjshow on Twitter and Instagram, or on our Facebook Fan page.

Thanks for listening, and we will catch you next week with a new show!