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Episode 19 - Abraham Marte & Kaelum Kalista


Hey guys,

This week we are joined once more by Abraham Marte. This guys is one of a kind, and he shared some of great things that are going on in his life, including his tour of seminars this year in the northeast of the US and some lessons learned at the camp he had for the ADCC with Cyborg, Rodolfo Vieira, João Gabriel and others at Miami, during the summer!

But more importantly,  he picked up the topic of our last episode with Braulio and Chris, about the community of BJJ coming together to help out kids. And he introduced us to Kaelum Kalista, his student that is developing a great project in the Dominican Republic to help less fortunate kids find a path in their lives through martial arts. "Fighting for a dream" is just taking of and they explain all about it in this great episode.

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