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Episode 2 - Braulio Estima


If you though our first episode was great, you won't believe this second! Braulio Estima is one of the greatest of all times in the mats, and he has shown himself as one of the best on a mic, too... What a great guy to talk to!

We talked about so many things, among them:

  • What he thinks about Invitational tournaments
  • His brief MMA career and diference from a BJJ career
  • The growth of BJJ in UK and Europe
  • How he keeps going forward, even after a such accomplished career
  • Fighting at Abu Dhabi World Pro this year, again
  • ADCC 2015 and going back into the tournament

We are very happy with this episode. We hope you enjoy it and share with all your friends. And don't forget to subscribe to the show!

Thanks for Listening, Ossss!!!