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Episode 10 - Leo Vieira

Leo Vieira BJJ

After a week of, we are back with a great new Episode. We are hosting the founder and head coach of one of the biggest BJJ Teams in the World, Checkmat, Leonardo Vieira. And during a really interesting conversation, we talk about some great topics:

  • Abu Dhabi World Pro as a Professional Tournament
  • Competing at ADCC for 7 editions and receiving an invitation to compete this year
  • The new professional events and how different rules are pushing the sport
  • A couple of great change suggestions for IBJJF rules
  • Checkmat camp for the worlds and Buchecha's will to do history this year

We really had a great time talking to Leo and we hope you enjoy it! And as always, let us know what you think. Reach out in the comments bellow, or through Social Media.

We will catch you here next week, Ossssss!