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Episode 08 - Kit Dale


Kit Dale is a guy who is a lot more than what meets the eyes! In our amazing conversation, Kit showed that he has higher ambitions than just being a Black Belt World Champion, that he wants bigger audiences! And after listening to the super start Black Belt, we were pretty sure that Kit Dale will conquer the world...

We talked about:

  • How he managed to get so many followers in the BJJ Community
  • Being at professional BJJ Tournaments and the passion to compete BJJ
  • Other passions besides BJJ (don't want to give away... go listen to the episode)
  •  Drilling or not Drilling?
  • Rules changes and competition mindset

And much more. It was such a great episode and we hope our listeners can enjoy it! Please help us share the podcast and leave as a feedback, either here, or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Just follow us @thebjjshow.

Catch you guys next week, Osssss!!!